Safety Tips


Fire safety

Cooking: Cooking is the number one cause of home fires. Never leave any cooking unattended, and exercise caution not to spill grease or other flammables on the stove. Note: we actually had a tenant who left the house while eggs were boiling on the stove. Fortunately, although the apartment was filled with smoke, the stove was turned off in time!

Candles: Candles are also a common source of home fires. If you use them, be sure to place them on a nonflammable container and make sure the container is on a stable surface. Do not leave candles unattended and do not leave them burning overnight.

Cigarettes: This is a well known fire hazard. Use common sense when smoking cigarettes or any other type of smokable substance.

Our policy is to have each unit supplied with a smoke/carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher. Let us know if these items are lacking. Also please have patience with false alarms, most alarms have a button that can silence the alarm until the cause of the false alarm is eliminated. If the cause of the false alarm is dead batteries or faulty alarm, we can supply batteries or replace the alarms.



Keep things secured: Lock doors and windows when you are gone, and avoid leaving the garage door open unattended. We are aware of at least 2 incidents where an expensive bicycle was stolen right from an open garage, one in broad daylight (one was from the owner's home!). If you keep bikes outside make sure they are locked up, preferrably in a lighted area. Keep car doors locked and the windows rolled up

Stay reasonably cautious with strangers: Be aware of any strangers in the vicinity of your home/complex. Avoid inviting strangers over during social activities. If you have roommates, exercise care with both your own guests and your roommate's guests.

Renters Insurance: We strongly encourage all our tenants to purchase renters insurance if you have any items of value that could be stolen or damaged.