Repair Policies


Repair requests

For all normal repair and maintenance requests, please fill out a 'Repair Request Form', sign it and mail it to us at this address:
Mark Yang
P.O. Box 7246
Huntington Beach, CA 92615

We will provide copies of these forms for you upon request.
For emergency repairs contact us directly at: (714) 928-9173


Drain Clogs and Backups

For emergencies, such as a complete stoppage in a toilet, kitchen sink, etc call us at this number: (714) 928-9173.  For lesser problems, such as a partial blockage of a bath sink, please fill out, sign and send us a 'Repair Request Form'

It is okay to attempt to remove these blockages with a plunger. But do NOT attempt to use drain openers to unplug clogged drains. Most of the time they don't work, and often they cause more long term problems, i.e. deeper blockages and damaged pipes. Remember when the plumber comes, his hands/eyes could be injured if you have used drain opener chemicals in the drain he is working on.

Let us do the work

We prefer to do all repairs. Many repairs are more difficult than the novice anticipates and could result in considerable damage The tenant would be liable for all such damages. In addition many major repairs by law have to be done by a licensed contractor.

If you insist on doing your own repairs you must have written approval from the owner.



Report any Problems

Please send us a filled out and signed 'Repair Request Form' if you notice any serious or dangerous defects about the premises..




All redecorating or alterations done by tenant, such as repainting or hanging of light fixtures, must have the written approval of the owner.