Renter Information

This is information that will be helpful or essential to all tenants. Below is a guide to links to that information. Please read all these links, especially Safety.

Basic Info - Frequently asked questions about paying rent, late rent penalties, ect.

Safety - Concerning the most important safety issues of living in a rental.

Repairs - All our policies concerning repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance - This link outlines tenant responsibilities regarding care of the apartment, and has home maintenance tips to help save our time and your money.

Apartment Rules - A link to a copy of Apartment Rules in doc format

Repair Request Doc - a copy of repair request form, to be filled out whenever requesting maintenance/repair work, in rtf format.

Phone Numbers - a list of important phone numbers and addresses


Important Reminders

Remember your street sweeping schedule and avoid tickets

17th street schedule:     Monday and Tuesday, every 1rst and 3rd week of the month. If on a particular day street sweeping is delayed by holiday or month schedule, then sweeping for that day is done the next week

Also note that Long Beach has enacted new strict water conservations codes. Please be aware of these codes. For example, washing your car in the driveway might get you a ticket now.


Tenant Contact Info
To call Playadelsur Properties:
To write Playadelsur Properties
Police Huntington Beach
Fire Huntington Beach

(714) 907-1323
Mark Yang, PO Box 7246, HB, CA 92615
(714) 536-5333
(714) 537-2501